Frequently Asked Questions


How does ordering work?

If you order something on our site, a sample will be sent to you after payment. If you have any changes, please let us know and we will adjust it for you.  For example, if the chosen font does not look very good, you can still change it. This way you'll always get what you want.

*The designs are based on the construction year of the model. This way we bring out the best of the models. That's why it's not possible to choose a design of a type model which doesn't accord to your own model.
This also applies to using your old design on a new type of model.


Your own logo on the decals or other products?

Do you have a sponsor or your own company? And do you want that logo on your decal set or other products on our site? Send us an email with your logo in one of the following formats: .eps, .ai, .cdr, .pdf (Vector file) and state which design it is.

*.jpg, .png. and other bitmap formats are not supported.

If you don't have the right formats, it's best to ask the companies in question to request it from their advertising agency or the person who made it.

* If you're about to use logo's of companies that do not directly sponsor you, it's your own responsibility.


Change colours

It is possible to change the colours of your design, provided that the design is technically realistic.


I have placed an order, how does it proceed?

With custom products you will first receive a sample for verification. This happens on average within 5 working days. Did you like it? Then it is prepared according to the specified delivery time. For regular products, your order will be sent as quickly as possible. 

It's quite bussy from December till April which means the delivery time for costum products can take a bit longer in these months. 


I don't receive any e-mails

If you don't receive any e-mails it can be that they'd be deliverd in your spam folder.



we provide worldwide delivery


Need any help with the sticking?

You can also have your item stickered by our staff. Send an email to and ask for the conditions. You can also see an instructional video.

You can also buy degreaser for sticking from us at an extra cost.


Small print runs

If you have driven any damage and need to redo small parts, that's possible. Keep in mind that we have to charge an order costs of 25,- euro.


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