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About us
DWS Decals is a company unique in its kind.
Partly because of our own experience in motocross, we know better than anyone how important it is to have high-quality decals.

Because we have purchased a special machine, the decals are printed with "full colors".
This gives you a unique experience in terms of color.
Where other MX sticker suppliers print the colors on full color machines, so that you get mixed colors and not the true colors, DWS Decals does something unique! Our decals are printed in the same way as screen printing. This gives you those full colors as you intended!
So KTM orange is really KTM orange with us! And Kawasaki green is really Kawasaki green with us!

DWS Decals has its own team together with Mulders Motoren.
So we first thoroughly tested all types of foils ourselves. This unique approach is highly appreciated by today's customers because they can be sure that their stickers are durable and of perfect quality!

We also have a fast delivery time because we produce the decals ourselves from design to shipment.
An average delivery time is 3 weeks.
In those 3 weeks you will first receive a confirmation email containing a proof of the sticker set (s) you have put together so that you can check again whether everything is as you wish.
After we have received confirmation from you, the process begins.

Do you want a completely new style for you and your team? Then you can get a tailor-made decal set and accessories in the style you want at DWS Decals!
Feel free to send us an email with an idea, sketch or design of your style.
Our designers will then develop and prepare this style.
You can also "capture" that style so you can be sure that you are the only one with that design!

DWS Decals also has more than just MX decals.
Take a look at our products, there is everything you need as a rider or team.

Because DWS Decals stores all files, we always have a backup!
If you need a copy of your decal set on a quick basis, (for example: just before a match)
Then you can contact DWS Decals for consultation regarding the accelerated delivery time.

We also have a good foil for transparent stickers. These stickers can be perfect for the swingarm or front fork. We also have the unique feature of printing white on transparent foil.
This transparent film has the same strong adhesive power as our MX sticker sets.

All this is very much appreciated by our customers, and we only have customers who are very satisfied with their products.

We hope that we have informed you enough about this.
Look at the general terms and conditions for more information about the delivery conditions, etc.

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